Whether you want to figure out payments but still come in drive it before you buy it or complete a purchase entirely online and never set foot at the dealership and have your new or used vehicle delivered to you, Foundation Kia has a way for you to explore and buy online. 

Consider the Benefits of Leasing

For many people here in Colorado, leasing has become a popular option when it comes to financing a car. A common objective for many leasing customers in nearby locations like Westminster CO is the goal of getting into a fundamentally different kind of car at the end of their 36-month lease. 

A 3-year lease can help you avoid getting stuck in the middle of a 6-year car loan when you're ready for a different car and you still have a big balance on the car you bought. After all, trading in a car after three years would probably mean it's worth less than you owe, so you might have to withdraw some serious cash just to pay off the loan. But if you lease that car, you can simply turn it over to us at Foundation Kia in 36 months and easily transition to a new lease on the kind of new car you've been wanting.

Find Your Affordable Monthly Payment Online

The most common motivation for leasing, however, is that it comes with monthly payments that will be considerably less than monthly loan payments would be on the same vehicle. If you drive only about 12,000 miles a year, that's one more reason to consider leasing, since lower miles can help you avoid excess mileage fees. That said, we believe all of our new vehicle incentives offer something special to everyone. So, we encourage you to explore our specials, peruse our inventory, and utilize our online finance tools to ensure you find the best deal around Denver at Foundation Kia!

Buying a Vehicle Online has Never Been Easier

1. Choose Your Vehicle

Shop new and pre-owned vehicles at our Kia store near Denver from the comfort of home.

2. Calculate Your Payment

It's easy to figure out what you can expect from a monthly payment when you use this handy online tool.

  • Compare monthly loan payments versus lease payments
  • Find a down payment that works for you
  • Use the value of your trade to get a better estimate on your purchase

3. Apply for Credit

Applying for financing pre-approval online is a great way to jump start the auto financing process and save time at our dealership.

4. Schedule a Test Drive

Feel free to set up a test drive for the vehicle(s) you want!

Our team is ready to work with drivers from all over the Denver area with finding the right vehicle.