Wondering how to get rid of an old car? Foundation Auto Group in Castle Rock and Wheat Ridge, Colorado has a solution! Home of the original Push, Pull, or Drag Trade-In Program, Foundation offers a maximum trade-in allowance for any used vehicle, even if you have to push, pull, or drag it on to our lot. We want to help you get into a newer, safer pre-owned vehicle at a price you can afford.

Over the years this program has helped countless customers get into quality, dependable, pre-owned vehicles that may otherwise have been out of reach. As an added bonus, we have aided in getting high pollution-emitting vehicles off the road for good.

How it works:

Push, pull, or drag your trade-in vehicle. Seriously, as long as the owner possesses the title and registration, we will accept ALL vehicles regardless of condition. We have even accepted motorcycles, boats, and trailers!

Show me the Money. Receive a maximum trade-in allowance of up to $3,500. Applies toward the purchase of pre-owned vehicles only.* If your trade is worth more, we will give you more.

Why pay someone for a high mileage, older vehicle?

With a maximum trade-in allowance, everyone wins. The customer can get rid of an aged, technologically-outdated vehicle, while upgrading to a safer and more reliable car. Plus, the maximum allowance used toward the purchase of a newer, pre-owned vehicle is a great leverage point for financing. Foundation wins because we have the opportunity to sell a car, while mutually benefiting our customers.

Foundation's Push, Pull, or Drag Trade-In Program also benefits the environment. Cars get old and they begin to break down and rust as they age. They become increasingly inefficient, unsafe, and harmful to the environment, but through the Foundation we help get highly-pollutant vehicles off the road and thereby make the world a better place to live in.

Contact us for more details about our programs or visit us today to start the trade-in process.